June 7, 2017

2017 International Conference of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society


Silicon Valley (Santa Clara), California USAJune 8-10, 2017

Innovation and technology management in the entrepreneurial era

Moving Technical Idea to Market

Chair: Michael Condry, President-Elect IEEE TEMS
Program Chair: Xiaohong (Iris) Quan, San Jose State University
Program Co-Chair: Rajiv Sabherwal, University of Arkansas

We invite contributions from researchers, educators, managers and students. Contributions may be conceptual, theoretical, or empirical. They should document research activities, case studies or best practices, shedding light on the theory or practice of engineering, technology, or innovation management, and addressing the strategic objectives of technological change.

There will be an opportunity to publish in a Special Issue of our journal IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management for selected papers submitted to the conference.

Major topic areas include:

Entrepreneurship and its ecosystem (Chairs: Yanli Zhang, Sunny Li Sun, Anu Basu)

  • Formation and Growth of Technology-based Startups
  • Business model innovation (Platform-based, cloud-based, SaaS, etc.)
  • Financing your innovation (VC, Angel, Crowd-sourcing, etc.)
  • Corporate entrepreneurship and corporate venture capital
  • Startup incubators

Management of Innovation (Chairs: Joel West, Alberto Di Minin, Xudong Gao)

  • Open Innovation and Collaboration in Technology Management
  • Management of Innovation Processes
  • Networked innovation
  • New product development processes
  • Innovation in emerging markets
  • Innovation and computer security

Technology Management (Chair: Tugrul Daim)

  • Technology Planning and Forecasting
  • Technology Assessment and Selection
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Technology Adoption and Diffusion

Engineering Management (Chairs: Jason Hui, Leon Pretorius)

  • Structuring Engineering Organizations
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management and Staff Distribution
  • Management of Engineering Systems
  • Engineering Economics>

Strategy and global market (Chairs: Max von Zedtwitz, Jiang Wei, Xielin Liu, Lutao Ning)

  • Globalization of Research & Development
  • Technology alliances
  • Differing product strategy for different markets
  • Marketing through social media
  • Role of Silicon Valley and other technology centers in the World
  • Intellectual property rights across national borders
  • Standard Strategy in the Global Market

New manufacturing and supply chain systems (Chairs: Taeho Park, Ming Zhou,Md. Mamun Habib)

  • 3D printing and its business applications
  • Technology development through the supply chain
  • Total quality management
  • Global supply chain operations
  • Operations strategy

Information Technology and the Internet (Chairs: Jerry Gao, Zhiwei Peng, Subhankar Dhar)

  • The Internet of Things
  • Network Security
  • Big Data Management and Analytics
  • E-government and Smart Cities
  • Social Media Impact

Biotech and healthcare innovation (Chairs: Chun-Hsien Wang)

  • Digital health
  • Biometrics Technologies and applications
  • Hospital and clinics management: EMR and other IT facilitators
  • Innovation in pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical device innovation

Social issues and sustainability (Chairs: Joseph Sarkis, Chunguang Bai)

  • Social innovation
  • Project management with a social consciousness
  • Management of and planning for green technology
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Engineering Management and Climate Change
  • Responsible innovation

People and organizations (Chair: Peter Love)

  • Employee to manager challenges
  • Rethinking leadership and motivating employees
  • Opportunities and challenges of employee work from home
  • Healthy organizational culture
  • Education in Technology Management
  • Global virtual teams
  • Management of Engineers, Scientists and Technologists
In addition to these core topics, we will open the door to special sessions on management during these challenging times as seen by IEEE societies, for example, particular management issues as seen within computer, communications, and electronics areas. For topic details, see our web at 2019.temscon.org. In addition we will be hosting:
Education programs in Technology and Engineering Management
Editor’s Panel – publication outlets in Technology and Engineering Management

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