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Track Sub-Topics:

Digital health

  • Biometrics Technologies and applications
  • Hospital and clinics management: EMR and other IT facilitators
  • Innovation in pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical device innovation
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September 30, 2017

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Track Sub-Topics:

Structuring Engineering Organizations

Project Management

Resource Management and Staff Distribution

Management of Engineering Systems

Engineering Economics

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Track Sub-Topics:

Formation and Growth of Technology-based Startups

Business model innovation (Platform-based, cloud-based, SaaS, etc.)

Financing your innovation (VC, Angel, Crowd-sourcing, etc.)

Corporate entrepreneurship and corporate venture capital•Startup incubators

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Track Sub-Topics:


The Internet of Things

Network Security

Big Data Management and Analytics

E-government and Smart Cities

Social Media Impact

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September 30, 2017

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Track Sub-Topics:


Open Innovation and Collaboration in Technology Management

Management of Innovation Processes

Networked innovation

New product development processes

Innovation in emerging markets

Innovation and computer security

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Track Sub-Topics:

3D printing and its business applications

Technology development through the supply chain

Total quality management

Global supply chain operations

Operations strategy

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September 30, 2017

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Track Sub-Topics:

Employee to manager challenges

Rethinking leadership and motivating employees

Opportunities and challenges of employee work from home

Healthy organizational culture

Education in Technology Management

Global virtual teams Management of Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

Management of Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

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Track Sub-Topics:

Social innovation

Project management with a social consciousness

Management of and planning for green technology

Corporate social responsibility

Engineering Management and Climate Change

Responsible innovation

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September 30, 2017

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Track Sub-Topics:

Globalization of Research & Development

Technology alliances

Differing product strategy for different markets

Marketing through social media

Role of Silicon Valley and other technology centers in the World

Intellectual property rights across national borders

Standard Strategy in the Global Market

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Track Sub-Topics:

Disruptive Implications of… 5G


Big Data





Autonomous vehicles

Bitchain•Quantum computing

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