TEMSCON 2019 Paper Presentation Schedule
08:30-10:00Conference Opening
10:30-12:00Innovation Management 1Engineering Management 1Technology Management 1Project Management 1
Session Chair: Leon PretoriusSession Chair: Holly HandleySession Chair: Joseph SarkisSession Chair: Jason Hui
A Meta-Functional, Quaternary-Based, Mathematical Structuring of the Periodic Table and Its Elements, and its Implications for Management of Innovation in Pharmaceuticals TechnologyA Risk Based Approach for Human AssuranceEmerging Technologies and Risk: How Do We Optimize Enterprise Risk When Deploying Emerging Technologies?Using emotional intelligence during conflict resolution in projects
Leveraging Organizational Change Management to Strengthen Benefit Delivery in InnovationSample measurement of the ISO 22400 standard key performance indicators with the use of simulation modelsSAMWISE: An Early Career Discovery Platform for STEM CareersComplexity factors affecting research and development projects duration
Value-based Digital Transformation: Innovating Customer ExperiencesIndustry 4.0 competencies for a control systems engineerGANDALF: A Real-World Solution to the "Soft Skills" Problem For Engineering CareersData, Information, Knowledge, and Leadership in Complex Project Management
Industry-University collaborations: Facilitating Internships Via A Multi-disciplinary MinorA Robust Methodology for Building an Artificial Intelligent (AI) Virtual Assistant for Payment ProcessingPatenting and technology transfer of UNAM´s research centersThe influence of big data competencies, team structures, and data scientists on project success
14:00-16:00Innovation Management 2Engineering Management 2Technology Management 2Entrepreneurship
Session Chair: Marina DabicSession Chair: Joe-Amadi EchenduSession Chair: Yuan ZhouSession Chair: Richard Evans
A toolkit of five essential clusters of heuristics for promoting innovativeness and wisdom in systems architecting the strategy and structure of organizationsIntegrating Advanced CAD Modeling Simulation, 3D Printing, and Manufacturing into Higher Education STEM coursesCollaboration in the city branding process - a bibliometric analysis of scientific literatureNew challenges in universities: Teaching Social Entrepreneurship
Personal values as predictors of managers' innovativeness - From theory to practiceConversion of a serial line assembly into a cellular structureIdentifying Technology Evolution Pathways by Integrating Citation Network and Text MiningMakerspaces and Entrepreneurship: The Effect of Team Dynamics and Prototyping Efficacy on Entrepreneurial Performance
Business model innovation using modern DevOpsAsset replacement in the context of servitizationIdentifying Technology and Research Communication Case of Wireless PowerA Taxonomy of Knowledge Spillovers for High-Tech Startups Development
A Value Assessment Engine for the International Space Station ProgramBIM/MR-Lean Construction Project Delivery Management SystemThe market typologies of patent transactions: An analysis of the LCD industryTypes of IP Pledges
Disruptive Technology Forecasting based on Gartner Hype CycleAn Uncertainty Tolerant Approach For Stochastic Resource Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemsExploring Technology and Engineering Management Research LandscapeSuper Lean Software Startup Engineering Management
The role of absorptive knowledge capacity and sustainable capabilities in adopting green innovationAn Optimised Supplier Selection Plan for Supply Chain Integrated Project Scheduling ProblemEmpirical Evidence and Economic Implications of Blockchain as a General Purpose TechnologyOpenness in Intellectual Property Strategies of Synthetic Biology Start-ups
19:00-20:30Conference Dinner
And TEMS Awards Ceremony
8:30 - 10:00Joint Session with GTRI Friday Morning Seminar
Keynote Speaker - Steve Welby: "Innovation for US National Defense "
10:30-11:00TEMSCON Opening
Keynote Speaker - Steve Welby: "Trends Impacting the Engineering Profession"
11:00-12:30Technology Management 3Project Management 2Pitch Competition
Session Chair: Ravikiran AnnaswamySession Chair: Robert Bierwolf
An illustrative example of applying systems engineering tools for risk management when launching new technologies: The case of lifeboat insufficiency on the RMS TitanicA conceptual framework for interdisciplinary decision support project success
How is utility firm dealing with disruptive technologies? An empirical research of Indonesia Electricity CompanyDiscussing a Broad Strategy Against Troubled IS/IT Projects
FACTS Approach to Address Cybersecurity Issues in Electric Vehicle Battery SystemsReduce Risk or Increase Certainty as a P3M Dilemma - A Perspective or a Mindset?
Modelling of battery usage with wind turbines to avoid power deviation penaltiesManagement of Automotive Technology R&D Projects
14:00-15:30Technology Management 5Technology Management 4Innovation Management 3Social Issues
Session Chair: Tugrul DaimSession Chair: Rabiz FodaSession Chair: Iris QuanSession Chair: Eduardo Ahumada-Tello
Continuous Cybersecurity Management Through Blockchain TechnologyArtificial Intelligence for Bioinformatics: Applications in Protein Folding PredictionTechnology Acceptance Model of Internet of Things for Water Management at a local municipalityThe importance of social enterprises in ensuring the supply chain sustainability
Blockchains in Supply Chains: Potential Research DirectionsConsumer perceptions on smart wearable devices for medical and wellness applicationsThe Co-evolution of Chinese Peer-to-Peer Lending Industry and Regulation SystemBecoming more socially responsible through failure: An illustrative example of a systems engineering failure analysis and corrective action report on the Deepwater Horizon disaster
Blockchain technology through the lens of disruptive innovation theoryFractal dynamics of time series fluctuations for estimating the efficiency of dolphin-assisted therapies on children with trisomy 21Measuring the effects of innovation in wine companies in Baja CaliforniaAdvanced Technology Integration in Food Manufacturing Supply Chain Environment: Pathway to Sustainability and Companies' Prosperity
Survey of AI in Cybersecurity for Information Technology ManagementResponsible Research and Innovation in Engineering and Technology Management: Concept, Metrics and AssessmentPaths of Innovation Affected by Customer Category: Case of Early and Majority Market Customers in Semiconductor TechnologyEmployee Happiness in the Industry 4.0 Era: Insights from the Spanish Industrial Sector
15:30-16:00Conference Close