Mark Wehde / Section Head, Technology Development, Division of Engineering, Mayo Clinic

Mark Wehde is Section Head of Technology Development within the Mayo Clinic Division of Engineering. His team develops novel devices for clinicians and researchers. His responsibilities include strategic planning, process improvement, project evaluation, collaborations, intellectual property, and technology investigation.

Mark is a member of the Medical Device Sterilization and Disinfection Committee, the Department of Facilities Diversity and Inclusion Executive Committee, the Network Management Oversight Group, the Research Information Security Advisory Group, and the Division of Engineering Safety Committee and QMS Steering Committee.

He has a faculty position in the Quality Academy, the Office of Leadership and Organizational Development, and the Mayo Biomedical Engineering and Physiology graduate program. Mark is a juror for the Medical Design Excellence Awards and the Edison Awards.  He is also an adjunct lecturer for the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium program. Mark has an MBA, a MS in Biomedical Engineering, and a BS in Electrical Engineering.