Ken Huang / CEO of Cyber Security OT and Chief Scientist of NUC Chain

Ken Huang is CEO and Founder of two Blockchain Companies – Cyber Security On Toda and DistributedApps.  He is the author of the book title, ‘Blockchain Security Technical Guide’ , written in Chinese.  He is senior adviser to multiple successful blockchain startups.

He is a frequent speaker at many global Blockchain conferences, including CoinDesk Consensus, Blockchain Connect, Tokensky, World Crypto Economic Forum, Bigdata Expo in China.

Ken is CISSP certified and is Chief Scientist of Nuclear Chain Foundation.  He has been invited to speaker at Stanford, UC Berkeley, Beijing University, World Bank, Bank of China, Huawei, etc.

He is Technical Adviser for Top Market Group USA, IOST, NULS, WICC, as well as the Year 2018 Conference Committee Member of ACM AI Decentralized Practitioner Board.  He is Blockchain Expert Committee Member of Chinese Institute of Electronics.

Ken is a Distinguished Researcher & Lecturer of Big Data Blockchain and Regulatory Technology Laboratory and RegChain Laboratory of Renmin University of China