Meet Our Speakers

John Avery
Director, Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)
Vice President, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation
, Chairman, Managing General Partner, REDDS Capital
Anouk Kendall
President, Decentralized Energy Canada
Director of R&D, Search Technology, Inc
    Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, IEEE
    Professor of Project Management and Leadership, Rutgers University (Ret.) , CEO, Diamond Leadership Institute
    Founder and CEO, Shirat Enterprises Israel
    CEO, Ascot Technologies
    Chief Innovation Officer, University of California (Emerging Technologies Research & Policy Institute)
    CEO, PrivacyShell and Chair of the ACM Practitioner Board Conference Committee
    Director, Technology, Innovation and Sustainability (retired) Thyssenkrupp North America
      Director, Graduate Research Ethics Programs, Georgia Tech
        Advisor, Mind AI
          Andy Chen, P. Eng
          President & CEO, Catronic Enterprise
          Chair, Advisory Board for ClinicAI
          Vice President, Co-Innovation Network, Tata Consultancy Services
          Associate Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology and Society, North Carolina State University
            CEO of Cyber Security OT and Chief Scientist of NUC Chain
            Susan (Kathy) Land
            Program Manager, US Defense Department
              Marc Perron
              Editor in Chief and Co-Founder, IEEE Industrial Electronics Technology Transfer News
                President, WHEELS Global Foundation
                  CEO, Singh Law Corporation
                    Vincula Group
                      Section Head, Technology Development, Division of Engineering, Mayo Clinic
                        Executive Director, Cancer Computer