Maja leads the Cognitive Service Management research department at the TJ Watson Research Center. Her research interests include services computing, software engineering, IT service management and AI planning. Maja is a Senior Member of IEEE, Member of IBM Academy Technology, and an IBM Master Inventor. Contact her at

Trends in Big Data and emergence of cognitive computing are powering intelligence in Cloud platforms. Cognitive Cloud Platform embodies human-like reasoning in order to accelerate development and dynamic adaptation of novel applications and Cloud-enabled processes.

In this talk, Maja presents the vision of Cognitive Cloud Platforms and depict how they will impact end-users, enterprises, developers and support teams. For example, we discuss how cognitive technologies enable automated extraction of policies from large document bases, how they automate reasoning about discovered security and compliance policies, and how they identify and assemble plans of automated actions that can be taken to improve health state of the Cloud platform.

Moreover, we demonstrate how the end-user and support teams can interact with the system through natural language interfaces, to resolve problems and/or request service changes and adapt policy configurations and selections.  Finally, we discuss how the Cognitive Cloud Platform learns about the configurations and system requirements and assist the user in this process, as an embodied cognitive agent.