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Message from Chairman

TEMSCON 2018 is the flagship conference of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS). This Annual Conference provides studies on concepts, theories, and best practices in the field of technology and engineering management and addresses the methodologies required to move technical ideas to market and where people enable project success.

TEMS, a reinvigorated Society in the IEEE, focuses on developing leadership skills in the technical industries and associated research and offering you opportunities to develop skills and competencies by collaborating with leading practitioners and scholars where:

  • Your on-the-job results drive both personal growth and professional advancement
  • Your expertise enables the implementation of successful products and services

TEMS offers conferences, publications, along with many other opportunities to engage. TEMS will continue building programs that allow leaders and researchers to understand and improve the space of technical management.

This conference is only the second TEMS owned conference bridging the space of technology management and practices to the needs of industry and society; coupling management research with industry and society needs.

Mark Werwath
VP of Publications, IEEE TEMS,
Conference Chairman of TEMSCON 2018,
Clinical associate professor and Director Master of engineering management program
Northwestern University


Tom Coughlin
Coughlin Associates, President-elect, IEEE-USA
Mark Johnson
Schneider Electric
Helen Sun
CTO of Architecture, Engineering, and Data Management, JP Morgan Chase
Christine Schyvinck
Chris Gladwin
CEO and Co-Founder, Ocient
Mandy Mock
VP and GM for Product Engineering Solutions (PES IT), Intel Corporation