Turning Engineering Projects into Successful Businesses Part II

June 11, 2019
1:00 PM  -  4:30 PM

Instructor: Dr. Aaron Shenhar, Professor of Project Management and Leadership, Rutgers University (Ret.) , CEO, Diamond Leadership Institut


Part II – Understanding the Science of Technology and Its Management


While technology increasingly impacts daily life, economic well-being, and society in general, its fundamental laws and underlying theory have been slowly evolving. Surprisingly, still unavailable, is a widely accepted (and simple) definition of what exactly is technology or technology management, and there is no widely accepted unified theory.


This workshop will present a new perspective on the theory of technology and its management, and discuss the question: can such a theory evolve into a new science of its own – Technology Science? Just as computer science has helped us understand the power of computers, this new science would further increase our ability to harness the full potential of any technology, accelerate its development and open up new areas of investigation of technology and specifically, technology management. After discussing technology’s common laws of structure, function, value, process, know-how, and evolution, I will present a wide-range of future study options and their implications for management.


Session Category :  Workshop