High Tech and Venture Capital Part II

June 11, 2019
1:00 PM  -  4:30 PM

Instructor: Eliezer Manor, Founder and CEO, Shirat Enterprises, Israel


Part II – The first practical step of the hi-tech entrepreneur: The art of expressing an idea.


The 2nd part of the workshop will deal with the tasks of the first and most important phase of the hi-tech entrepreneur, related to the initiation of an idea, its selection and the way in which it has to be analyzed and presented, in order to convince partners and investors to join.


It will deal with creative imagination, giving birth to an idea for a new product or service, selecting an appropriate idea, preparing the development plan and crystallizing the business model, as well as techniques for presenting the novel idea with: ppt presentation, executive summary, SWOT analysis, and elevator pitch.



Session Category :  Workshop