Chair: Rabiz N Foda (IEEE-TEMS ISIE Publications Chair, Canada)

2:00 Artificial Intelligence for Bioinformatics: Applications in Protein Folding Prediction

Max Staples, Leong Chan, Dong Si, Kasey Johnson, Connor Whyte and Renzhi Cao

2:20 Consumer perceptions on smart wearable devices for medical and wellness purposes

Isabella Capalbo, Marek Penhaker, Lukas Peter and Antonino Proto

2:40 Fractal dynamics of...

Chair: Tugrul Daim (Portland State University, United States)

2:00 Continuous Cybersecurity Management Through Blockchain Technology

Jonathan D White and Charles Daniels

2:20 Blockchains in Supply Chains: Potential Research Directions

Shailesh J Divey, Mert Hakan Hekimoglu and T. Ravichandran

2:40 Blockchain technology through the lens of disruptive innovation theory

Mohammadsaleh Saadatmand and Tugrul Daim

3:00 Survey of...

May 23, 2019

Chair: Robert Bierwolf (MBBI bv, The Netherlands)

Chair(s): Marina Dabic (Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham Business School, United Kingdom)

2:00 A toolkit of five essential clusters of heuristics for promoting innovativeness and wisdom in systems architecting the strategy and structure of organizations

Kurt Wurthmann

2:20 Personal values as predictors of managers’ innovativeness – From theory to practice

Marina Dabic, Vojko Potocan, Jurica Pavicic and Zlatko...

May 23, 2019

Chair(s): Richard David Evans (Brunel University London, United Kingdom)

2:00 New challenges in universities: Teaching Social Entrepreneurship

Suisin Priscila Lam-Lam, Eduardo Ahumada-Tello, Ismael Plascencia-López, Oscar O. Ovalle-Osuna, Reyna V. Barragán-Quintero, Richard David Evans and Karla Soria-Barreto

2:20 Makerspaces and Entrepreneurship: The Effect of Team Dynamics and Prototyping Efficacy on Entrepreneurial Performance

Xaver Neumeyer and Susana Santos