May 23, 2019

Chair: Tugrul Daim (Portland State University, United States)


Panelists: Distinguished Editors

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Moderator: Neil Sahota, Chief Innovation Officer, University of California (Emerging Technologies Research & Policy Institute)
Tina Singh, CEO, Singh Law Corporation
Joe Herkert, Associate Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology and Society, North Carolina State University
Jason Borenstein, Director, Graduate Research Ethics Programs, Georgia Tech


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Moderator: Toufi Saliba, CEO, PrivacyShell
Anouk Kendall, President, Decentralized Energy Canada
Chris Hotchkiss, Vice President, Intel Corp.
Raju Goteti, Vice President, Co-Innovation Network, Tata Consultancy Services
Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman, Managing General Partner, REDDS Capital
Ken Huang, CEO of Cyber Security OT and Chief Scientist of NUC Chain


The greater the dependence on the machine, the greater security...

Moderator: Eliezer Manor, Founder and CEO, Shirat Enterprises Israel
Paul Babin, Director, Technology, Innovation and Sustainability (retired) Thyssenkrupp North America
Lee Stogner, Vincula Group
Marc Perron, Editor in Chief & Co-Founder, IEEE Industrial Electronics Technology Transfer News
Susan K. (Kathy) Land, Program Manager, US Department of Defense
John Avery, Director, Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)



The importance of...

Moderator: Mary Ellen Randall, CEO, Ascot Technologies Inc.
Michael Condry, Chair of Advisory Board, ClinicAI
Dr. Pongrapee Buranasompob, Advisor, Mind AI
Suresh Shenoy, President, WHEELS Global Foundation
Mark Wehde, Section Head, Technology Development, Division of Engineering, Mayo Clinic
Joanne Wong, Executive Director, Cancer Computer

The 4th Industrial Revolution is quickly becoming of age. This is...