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In 2004, Chris founded Cleversafe which became the largest and most strategic object storage vendor in the world (according to IDC.)  He raised $100M and then led the company to over a $1.3B exit in 2015 when IBM acquired the company.  The technology team he created generated over 1,000 patents granted or filed, creating one of the ten most powerful patent portfolios in the world.  Prior to Cleversafe, Chris was the Foundering CEO of startups MusicNow and Cruise Technologies and led product strategy for Zenith Data Systems.  He started his career at Lockheed Martin as a database programmer and holds an engineering degree from MIT.  Chris is now the CEO and Co-Founder of Ocient whose mission is to successfully provide the leading platform the world uses to analyze its largest datasets.

Chris Gladwin has created and commercialized revolutionary new capabilities that have changed how the world uses information technology.  Chris will cover what makes a change in information technology disruptive, how to predict these changes, and how to create these kinds of new technologies.