Welcome to IEEE TEMSCON 2017!

The 1st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management SocietyJune 8-10, 2017

Santa Clara Hilton
4949 Great America Pkwy
Silicon Valley (Santa Clara), California USA

Dear Participants of TEMSCON 2017,

TEMSCON 2017 is the inaugural flagship conference of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) and will be an Annual Conference. This conference provides studies on the concepts, theories, and best practices in the field of technology management. For technology and engineering this addresses the methodologies required to move technical ideas to market.

In today’s technology world the engagement steps to move a stimulating technical concept into a marketable product has many challenges and requires broad understanding of technical and business practices. This is true in an entrepreneurship environment, where a startup is creating a business as well in an intrapreneurship, where steps are within an existing company. Our event addresses these areas including innovation, engineering management, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, and people matters. Requirements and processes for new technologies are also studied including IT, Internet, IoT, Biotech, healthcare, and social media. Papers address research and practice situations in this event.

Are keynotes are from Industry or have a history with them.
Keynote Day 1: Challenges of Technical Management

Scott Fouse,Vice President Advanced Technology Center (ATC) Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Julie Black Chief Technology Officer, Evidation Health

John Avery Group Manager, Panasonic Automotive Innovation Center

Richard Levy,Board Chairman,Varian Medical Systems (retired)
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Keynote Day 2: Directions of Technical Management

Swee Lim,Vice President LinkedIn

Ikhlaq Sidhu Chief Scientist and Founding Director, Sutardja Center Berkeley

Stan Mansfield, Director, System Safety,Varian Oncology Systems

Robert Wood,Professor of Strategic Management, San Jose State University
We look forward to seeing you at 2017 IEEE TEMSCON in Silicon Valley!

Michael W. Condry,TEMS President 2017-2019 and TEMSCON 2017 General Chair
Xiaohong (Iris) Quan,San Jose State University TEMS AdCom member,TEMSCON Program Chair

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