June 7, 2017


The registration is done at EDAS with the link http://edas.info/r22503. The table below shows the fees, select the one suitable for you. First register for TEMSCON then any Extra Pages or Tickets

Registration for the Industry Forum is available at:https://temscon-industry-forum-2017.eventbrite.com. Fees are available on eventbrite for this event.

Category Price
1. Early IEEE Members 595.00
2. Early Non-IEEE members 725.00
3. Early IEEE Student Member* 310.00
4. Early Student Non IEEE* 390.00
5. Early IEEE Life Member 275.00
6. Late IEEE Member (After May 15) 710.00
7. Late Non-IEEE member (After May 15) 895.00
8. Late IEEE Student member (After May 15)* 285.00
9. Late Student Nonmember (After May 15)* 480.00
10. Late – Life Member (After May 15) 275.00

*Student registrations for papers by students not students and advisors. Papers with advisors require full registration.

Dinner and Reception are included in the registration, for additional companion tickets the prices are:

  • Reception $30
  • Dinner $75

Again, this page is to inform the rates this will be replaced by a page to do the actual registration shortly.

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