June 7, 2017

June 8-10, 2017 Santa Clara, CA USA

Time Shasta Tahoe Trinity
Thursday, June 8
08:30 am10:00 am Introduction and Keynote I
10:00 am10:30 am Coffee Break
10:30 am12:00 pm Entrepreneurship and its Ecosystem I (YanLi Zhang) Management of Innovation I (Joel West) Technology Management I (Tugrul Daim)
12:00 pm01:00 pm Lunch
01:00 pm02:30 pm Entrepreneurship and its Ecosystem II (Sunny Li Sun) Management of Innovation II (Xielin Liu) Social Issues and Sustainability I (Iris Quan)
02:30 pm03:00 pm Break
03:00 pm04:30 pm Entrepreneurship and its Ecosystem III (Yanli Zhang) Management of Innovation III (Sunny Li Sun) Engineering Management I (Tariq Durrani)
05:00 pm08:00 pm Conference Reception
Friday, June 9
08:30 am10:00 am Keynote II
10:00 am10:30 am Coffee Break
10:30 am12:00 pm Technology Management II (Tugrul Daim) Engineering Management II (Jason Hui) Strategy and Global Market I (Jiang Wei)
12:00 pm01:00 pm Lunch
01:00 pm02:30 pm People and Organization I (Stephen Cross) Engineering Management III (Leon Pretorius) Biotech and Healthcare Innovation (Lutao Ning)
02:30 pm03:00 pm Break
03:00 pm04:30 pm People and Organization II (Oliver Yu) Social Issues and Sustainability II (Qingyun Zhu) Strategy and Global Market II (Max von Zedtwitz)
05:00 pm08:00 pm Conference Dinner

June 8-10, 2017 Santa Clara, CA USA

Saturday, June 10
09:00 am10:30 am Engineering Management IV (Jason Hui) People and Organization III (Brendan Galbraith) Collaborative Systems for Knowledge Intensive Environments I (Richard Evans)
10:30 am11:00 am Break
11:00 am12:00 pm Management of Innovation IV (Wood Robert) IT and the Internet (Luke Maki) Collaborative Systems for Knowledge Intensive Environments II (Richard Evans)
12:00 pm01:00 pm Conference Ends

Room Layout

June 8-10, 2017 Santa Clara, CA USA

Thursday, June 8 08:30 10:00: Welcome and Keynote Panel I Ballroom

  • Scott Fouse, VP Lockheed Martin Advanced Concepts Lab
  • Julie Black, CTO, Evidation
  • John Avery, GM,Panasonic Automotive Innovation Center
  • Dick Levy, Board Chairman, Varian(retired)

10:00 10:30: Coffee Break 10:30 12:00: Three Parallel Tracks Entrepreneurship and its Ecosystem I Room Shasta

  • The Social Organization of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
    Xaver Neumeyer, Susana Santos and Shan He
  • DoubleEdged Sword of Government Role in Innovation Systems: A Case Study in the Development of Policyled University Science Parks in china
    Yanli Zhang, Yuhua Cao, Jielin Dong and John Cantwell
  • Venture Capital as an Ecosystem Engineer for Regional Innovation in an Emerging Market
    Sunny Li Sun, Victor Chen, Sanwar Sunny and Jie Chen
  • Real Options Valuation of a Federally Funded Small Business Portfolio<br
    Andrea Belz

Management of Innovation I Room Tahoe

  • How a Research University Supports UniversityIndustry Collaboration
    Stephen Cross and Donald McConnell
  • Governing Knowledge Mobility in Service Innovation Network for Innovation Performance: the Interplay of Relational and Contractual Governance Modes
    Ou Bai and Jiang Wei
  • Corporate Venture Capital as a Real Option in the Markets for Technology
    Marco Ceccagnoli, Matthew Higgins and Hyunsung Kang
  • Technological Coopetition and Innovation: Knowledge Similarity and Geographical Location
    Alicia Rodríguez Márquez, Maria Jesús Nieto and Luis Santamaria

Technology Management I Room Trinity

  • A Topic Model Analysis of Science and Technology Linkages: A Case Study in Pharmaceutical Industry
    Samira Ranaei, Arho Suominen and Ozgur Dedehayir
  • Topic Modelling Approach to Knowledge Depth and Breadth: Analyzing Trajectories of Technological Knowledge
    Arho Suominen
  • Management of mobile Health Projects in Developing Countries: An Empirical Study
    Ali Zalzala and Abhimanyu Roy
  • Aligning and Catalyzing Research Investments Across the National Security Enterprise<br
    David Isaacson

Thursday, June 8 (continued)
12:00 13:00: Lunch

13:00 14:30 Three Parallel Sessions

Entrepreneurship and its Ecosystem II Room Shasta

  • Characteristics of University Startups in Japan
    Katsuya Hasegawa and Taketo Sugawara
  • The Logic of GovernmentLed Innovation Resource Allocation in Construction of Innovation Clusters Based On The Evolutionary View On the Basis of Empirical Cognition
    Huang Xichuan
  • A Business Ecosystem Driven Market Analysis: The Bright Green Building Market Potential
    Zheng Ma, Joy Billanes and Bo N. Jorgensen
  • Toward a Best Practice Framework in Business Model Innovation
    Christopher Kulins and Christiana Weber

Management of Innovation II Room Tahoe

  • Generative Capability
    Sunny Li Sun and Bo Zou
  • Metagility: Managing Agility for Competitive Advantage in New Product Development
    David Bishop
  • Quantitative Planning and Risk Management of Agile Software Development
    Kamran Ghane
  • Qualified Determinism in Emergent-Technology Complex Adaptive Systems
    Pravir Malik, Leon Pretorius and Dietmar Winzker

Social Issues and Sustainability I Room Trinity

  • Beyond Technology Push vs. Demand Pull: The Evolution of Solar Policy in the U.S., Germany and China
    Erik G. Hansen, Florian LüdekeFreund, Xiaohong Quan and Joel West
  • Role of Entrepreneurship in Universal Health Coverage (UHC) using mHealth
    Pradeep Kumar Ray and Congfei Zhang
  • Fostering Sustainable Energy Transitions for South Africa’s Electricity Sector: A Set of Criteria
    Nicole T Du Plooy, Alan C Brent and Imke De Kock

14:30 15:00: Coffee Break

Thursday, June 8 (continued)
15:00 16:30 Three Parallel Sessions

Entrepreneurship and its Ecosystem III Room Shasta

  • Blockchain Technology Innovations
    Ben Amaba, PE CPIM LEED, Tareq Ahram, Arman Sargolzaei, Jeff Daniels and Saman Sargolzaei
  • Startup Incubators and the Role of Social Capital
    Ellen Thomas and Cesar Bandera
  • A Map of Technology Entrepreneurship: Aha to Exit
    Steve T Cho, Aram ChominaChavez and Jason Bronowitz
  • The Role of Game Theory in the Development of Business Models in Supply Chains
    Marko Budler and Peter Trkman

Management of Innovation III Room Tahoe

  • Intellectual Asset Management Key Areas to Consider Prior to Product Launch
    Keith Weiss and Michael Spink
  • Exploring the Influence of Absorptive Capacity on Innovation in Bengaluru Hightech Manufacturing Cluster
    Deepak Chandrashekar and Bala Subrahmanya Mungila Hillemane
  • Open IP Strategies for Enabling Sustainability Transitions
    Jan Sternkopf, Frank Tietze, Elisabeth Eppinger and Pratheeba Vimalnath

Engineering Management I Room Trinity

  • Identification of Delay Factors that Affect High Dwell Times of Freight Trains
    Khuthadzo Magadagela, Hannelie Nel and Annlizé Marnewick
  • Factors Contributing to Delays Regarding Aircraft During Acheck Maintenance
    Tseko Mofokeng and Annlizé Marnewick
  • Resource Forecasting Opportunities Within Engineering Research: A Case Study on the Planning of Engineering Research Projects
    Alexander Holliman, Avril Thomson and Abigail Hird
  • Deterministic Contract Award and Probabilistic Bidding Strategies
    Roger L. Goodwin

17:00 20:00: Conference Reception

Friday, June 9

Engineering Management I Room Trinity

    • Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu,Chief Scientist and Founding Director, Sutardja Center Berkeley
    • Dr. Swee Lim,Vice President,Distinguished Engineer,LinkedIn
    • Dr. San MansfieldDirector, System Safety,Varian Oncology Systems
  • Dr. Robert Chapman WoodProfessor,San Jose State University

10:00 10:30: Coffee Break
10:30 12:00 Three Parallel Sessions

Technology Management II Room Shasta

  • Forecasting Battery Electric Vehicles
    Chih Jen Yu, Monticha Khammuang, Jisun Kim and Tugrul Daim
  • Guideline for Unstructured Technology Decision Making A Case Study
    Annlizé Marnewick and Nyiko Shiburi
  • Intertemporal Choices in Cloud Computing: Effects of Delay and Delay Horizon An Experimental Study
    Venkataraghavan Krishnaswamy and Rangaraja Sundarraj
  • Looking back on looking forward: New directions for error free move of technical idea to market
    Zhike Lei and Eitan Naveh

Engineering Management II Room Tahoe

  • Qualitative exploration into the application of Systems Engineering within a South African Science Council
    Humna Malik, Louwrence Erasmus and Jan Harm Pretorius
  • Evaluating Approaches for the Next Generation of Difficulty and Complexity Assessment Tools
    Dean Beale and Mike Young
  • Project Management A More Balanced Approach
    Pieter Frijns, Fons van Leeuwen, MSc. and Robert E. Bierwolf, MScEng. SMIEEE

Strategy and Global Market I Room Trinity

  • Research, Innovation and Competitiveness in a Changing World
    Tariq Durrani and Sheila Forbes
  • Research on Harmonization of Intellectual Property System from Japanese Inventors’ Point of View
    Megumi Sako and Koichiro Kato
  • Equity Versus NonEquity nership Strategies for Leaders, Challengers, and Niche Players
    WanChen Chen and BouWen Lin

Friday 9 June (continued)
12:00 13:00: Lunch

13:00 14:30: Three Parallel Sessions

People and Organization I Room Shasta

  • Knowledge Sharing among Engineers: An Empirical Examination
    Orlando ContrerasPacheco, Cyrlene Claasen and Rohit Nishant
  • The Human Capital: Motivation in Innovation
    Anna Trunina
  • Holistic Change Management: Importance and Methodological Challenges
    Armin Shams, Hossein Sharif and Ali Kermanshah

Engineering Management III Room Tahoe

  • Optimization of Precast Production Scheduling for Rail Track Slab
    Qingxue Liang
  • Business Benchmarking of Global Operations: The Case of Water and Energy Consumption in the Brewery Industry
    Johannes Kirstein and Alan C Brent
  • Research on the Crane Scheduling for the Process of Steelmakingcontinuous Casting based on Multilevel Heuristic Algorithm
    Liangliang Sun, Li Zhang, Xuebin Liu and Wei Liu

Biotech and Healthcare Innovation Room Trinity

  • Sponsorship and Characteristics of Medical Device Clinical Trials Registered in Indian Trial Registry
    Naga Rekha Gorantla
  • Biomedical Value Chain Traceability for Innovation
    Gregory Theyel
  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Its Investment Potential: A Real Case Study
    Brian Galli
  • Insurance Policy Reformation for Autism Treatment Coverage
    Sharon Qi, Seung Jun Lee and Tianqin Shi

14:30 15:00: Break

Friday 9 June (continued)
15:00 16:30: Three Parallel Sessions

People and Organization II Room Shasta

  • The Craft of R&D Leadership
    Thomas Curtin and Steve Ramberg
  • Tackling Hurdles to Digital Transformation The Role of Competencies for Successful IoT implementation
    Benjamin Weber, Jens Butschan and Sven Heidenreich
  • Individual Foresight Capability in Organizations: Role of Information Acquisition
    Krishna Kumar Balaraman and Rangaraja Sundarraj

Social issues and sustainability II Room Tahoe

  • Product Deletion and the Supply Chain: A Greening Perspective
    Qingyun Zhu, Purvi Shah and Joseph Sarkis
  • New Insights into Sociotechnical Transitions: A Technology Management Perspective
    Imke De Kock and Alan C Brent
  • Applying the Internet of Things (IoT) to Biomedical Development for Surgical Research and Healthcare Professional Training
    Ian Rubin de la Borbolla, Mark Chicoskie and Trey Tinnell

Strategy and Global Market II Room Trinity

  • How Do Emerging Economy Enterprises Achieve Technological Catchup? A Dualdrive Model of Technological Discontinuity and Institutiondriven Markets
    Jiang Wei, Cong Sun and Qiuyue Pan
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Product Innovation and Firm Performance: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms
    Lutao Ning, Xin Pan and Xuhong Xu
  • Chinese Firms’ R&D “Going Out”: Determinants for Location Choice
    Liu Xielin, Sheng Wu, Li Zhu and Xuechen Ding

17:00 20:00: Conference Dinner

Saturday, June 10
09:00 10:30: Three Parallel Sessions

Engineering Management IV Room Shasta

  • Barriers in Information Technology Project Management
    Fagno Fonseca, Patrick Letouzé Moreira, Rubens Pompeu, Leandro Garcia, Selma Regina Oliveira and George dos Santos
  • A Capital Allocation Decision Rule for KnowledgeIntensive Organizations
    Januj Juneja and Amar Amar
  • Battery Management System Using Arduino
    Nathan E Scharich, Anthony Hebert, Brandon Schneider and Md. Shafiul Islam
  • SMEs: The Effects of Strategic Management
    Anthony Dugan, Emily Frantz, Kyle Hinchberger, Brandon Maseth, Othman Abdullah Al Sharfa and Jameela AlJaroodi

People and Organization III Room Tahoe

  • A Model for Postgraduate Supervision of Large Student Numbers in Engineering Management at the University of Johannesburg
    Annlizé Marnewick and Hannelie Nel
  • The Benefits of a Quality Tool in a Student Branch Implementing the 5S Methodology to Create a New Culture
    Waldir Ventura Filho, Bruno Z Crestana, Maxwel Prado and Andressa Brito
  • Battery Management System Using Arduino
    Nathan E Scharich, Anthony Hebert, Brandon Schneider and Md. Shafiul Islam
  • Is Technology Management Education a Requirement for a Virtual Learning Environment?
    Patrick Letouzé Moreira, David Prata, Andre Barcelos, Gentil Veloso Barbosa, George dos Santos and Marcelo Rocha

Collaborative Systems for Knowledge Intensive Environments I Room Trinity

  • Yammer: Investigating its Impact on Employee Knowledge Sharing during Product Development
    Richard D Evans, Eduardo AhumadaTello and Joseph P Zammit
  • An Investigation into Value Cocreation in Service Supply Chains
    Trinh N.P. Nguyen, Ray Y Wu and Richard D Evans
  • Knowledge Value Stream Framework for Architecting Complex Products
    Ramakrishnan Raman and Meenakshi DSouza

10:30 11:00: Coffee Break

Saturday 10 June (continued)
11:00 12:00: Three Parallel Sessions

Management of Innovation IV Room Shasta

  • Innovation Program Deployment for Industries with Irreversible Processes
    Randall Schwartz and Ben Amaba, PE CPIM LEED
  • Bringing Large Technology Systems to Economic Maturity,
    Robert Chapman Wood

IT and the Internet Room Tahoe

  • Detecting Rumors on Online Social Networks Using Multilayer Autoencoder
    Yan Zhang, Weiling Chen, Chai Kiat Yeo, Bu Sung Lee and Chiew Tong Lau
  • A New Model to Manage Application Events in Cloud Environment
    Jianwen Chen

Collaborative Systems for Knowledge Intensive Environments II Room Trinity

  • Knowledge Management and Collaboration Strategies for TechnologyBased Firms in Baja California
    Eduardo AhumadaTello, Richard D Evans and Manuel CastañónPuga
  • Improving Design for Manufacturing Implementation in Knowledge Intensive Collaborative Environments, An analysis of Organisational Factors in Aerospace Manufacturing
    Mohammed El Souri, James Gao, Oladele Owodunni, Clive Simmonds and Nick Martin
  • A GeneralPurpose Collaborative System: Theory and Design of the Dialogic Web
    Ray Luechtefeld

12:00 13:00: TEMSCON2017 Conference Ends

13:00-16:30 Open Board Discussions (Pre-Meetings)

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